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Massey Ferguson – 8700S

Product Description

The 8700S Series is aimed at customers looking for a high horse powered and precession farming tractor with optimised efficiency. The 8700S is well known for its power efficiency up to 400 horse power making it one of Massey Fergusons most powerful tractors. The 8700 Series delivers the ultimate output for lower running costs.
Thanks to its DYNA-VT transmission with Engine Power Management helps deliver more power when it is needed the most. The Series has very large tyres (2.15m) rear tyres to enhance traction, reduce soil compaction and maximise performance. The 8700S Series range has the latest technology available depending on the specification of model you purchase. The Datatronics-5 touch screen terminal is an easy to use tablet helping users achieve precise farming.

Key Features

  • MF 8700S

    • DYNA-VT
    • All-in-One Stage V (Engine)
    • 270-400 (HP)
    • 12,000kg (Lift Capacity)
    • 1,200 NM (Torque)
    • New slim dashboard

  • MF 8700S

    • 6 Cylinder Engine
    • 50 kph
    • DYNAMIC Tractor Management
    • Air Seat
    • Quadlink Suspension System
    • 4 to 8 Electro Hydraulic Spool Valves


Massey Ferguson - 8700 Series

MF 8727 S 270 All-in-One Stage V Dyna-VT 1,200 12,000
MF 8730 S 295 All-in-One Stage V Dyna-VT 1,200 12,000
MF 8732 S 320 All-in-One Stage V Dyna-VT 1,200 12,000
MF 8735 S 350 All-in-One Stage V Dyna-VT 1,200 12,000
MF 8737 S 370 All-in-One Stage V Dyna-VT Dyna-VT 12,000
MF 8740 S 400 All-in-One Stage V Dyna-VT Dyna-VT 12,000
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