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Massey Ferguson – 6S

Product Description

The new MF 6S launched in 2021, imposing itself as a straightforward and dependable tractor. When using the MF 6S you will experience it amazing power, agility, engineered quality and driving comfort. The 6S is the highest horsepower four-cylinder tractor available on the market offering up to 200hp. The four-cylinder, 4.9 litre engine offers torque up to 840 Nm. MF “All-in One Stage V” SCR system helps cut costs for users. The reliable DYNA-VT & DYNA-6 Super ECO transmission ensures more productivity with less fuel consumption. DYNA-VT transmission is smooth and easy to use by using the power control lever. The new 6S is the perfect high horsepower tractor-loader partner. The tractor is designed for maximum maneuverability. Users will enjoy excellent visibility thanks to the new slim bonnet and exhaust pipe. This makes it very easy to work with a loader. This ensures safer driving and getting work done more efficiently.

The 6S has exceptional traction and stability thanks to its long wheelbase (2.67m). The wheelbase offers excellent maneuverability and headland turns. Thanks to its four cylinder engine the 6S weighs 400kg less compared to the six cylinder engines. This ensures minimum ground pressure and soil damage on farm land. The 6S contains the latest technology and is one of the most comfortable tractors on the market. Features such as front axle suspension, option of cab suspension, choice of seat spec, etc. improves comfort significantly. There is an option to include the latest technology such as Datatronics 5 console that delivers the information needed to manage the tractor functions effectively.

Key Features

  • MF 6S

    • DYNA-6
    • DYNA-VT
    • 4-Cylinder
    • 9,600kg (lift capacity)
    • 9.5m (tightest turning circle)
    • 135-200hp
    • 650-840 (NM) (Torque)
    • Datatronic 5 (option)

  • MF - 6S

    • Perfect Loader Partner
    • Loader Ready Option
    • Excellent Visibility
    • 40kph
    • 50kph (option/super creeper option)
    • Airflow System
    • Front Axle Suspension
    • 360° Visibility


Massey Ferguson - 6S

Model Max Power (HP) Engine Transmission Max Torque Lift Capacity
MF 6S.135 135 AGCO Power 4.9L, 4 Cylinder Dyna-6, Dyna-VT 650 9,600
MF 6S.145 145 AGCO Power 4.9L, 4 Cylinder Dyna-6, Dyna-VT 700 9,600
MF 6S.155 155 AGCO Power 4.9L, 4 Cylinder Dyna-6, Dyna-VT 750 9,600
MF 6S.165 165 AGCO Power 4.9L, 4 Cylinder Dyna-6, Dyna-VT 800 9,600
MF 6S.180 180 AGCO Power 4.9L, 4 Cylinder Dyna-6, Dyna-VT 840 9,600
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