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KUHN – Wrappers Selection

Product Description

Crop conditions, field conditions and the weather all have to be taken into account when wrapping bales ready for crop handling and storage. Perfectly wrapped bales combined with a high output and outstanding durability guarantee KUHN wrappers to be a profitable investment. The RW/SW range offers cost efficient, ecologic and ergonomic bale wrapping solutions with a complete range of round and square bale wrappers. KUHN offer round bale wrappers and wrappers that can wrap square and round bales. RW & SW wrappers have unique features and innovations, including the INTELLIWRAP and e-TWIN wrapping technologies make a real difference.

The KUHN RW round bale wrappers are available as a mounted or a trailed version and are capable of wrapping round bales as from 1.00m to 1.60m diameter and a width of 1.20m. The KUHN SW square and round bale wrappers are available as mounted or trailed versions. Depending on the model, medium square bales, large square bales and round bales can be wrapped.

Key Features

  • KUHN Wrappers

    • Round Turntable (RW Wrappers)
    • e-TWIN Wrapping System
    • Conical pre-stretchers
    • Film Cutters
    • Manual or ISOBUS Compatible

  • KUHN Wrappers

    • AUTOLOAD function (non-stop wrapping) – (SW Range)
    • Drive Through Design
    • ISOBUS Compatible (SW Range)
    • INTELLIWRAP (SW Range)


KUHN Wrapper Series

Series Model Loading System
RW 1110 (Round Bale) RW 1110 C External
RW 1200 (Round Bale) RW 1200 2 Loading Arms
RW 1110 (Round Bale) RW 1410 M Side Loading Arm
RW 1110 (Round Bale) RW 1410 C Side Loading Arm
RW 1110 (Round Bale) RW 1610 M Side Loading Arm
RW 1110 (Round Bale) RW 1610 C Side Loading Arm
RW 1110 (Round Bale) RW 1810 In-Line Loading Arm (connected to wrapping table)
SW 1114 (Round & Square Bales) SW 1114 C External
SW 1114 (Round & Square Bales) SW 1614 M Parallel Side Loading Arm
SW 1114 (Round & Square Bales) SW 1614 C Parallel Side Loading Arm
SW 1114 (Round & Square Bales) SW 4014 Twin Roller Arms
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