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KUHN – Mounted Seed Drill

Product Description

The popular pneumatic range has been updated with the newly launched VENTA 3010/3020/3030 models. Each drill can be used in conjunction with the HR1020-1030-1040 power harrow and is available with Suffolk coulters, double discs or SEEDFLEX seeding units. The VENTA 3030 ISOBUS model offers extra comfort and precision in managing tramlining. The wide opening makes the hopper easy and safe to fill. Seeds are protected from dust and rain by the metal cover seal ensuring accurate seeding. VENTA seeding combinations are equipped with many easy-to-adjust settings. These features allow you to adapt seeding to varying conditions, quickly and easily. Many settings can even be adjusted from the tractor seat while working.

The Integrated Mechanical Seed Drill range consist of the COMBLINER INTEGRA . Robust, compact and with great autonomy, the COMBILINER INTEGRA meets your competitiveness and profitability requirements while providing you with an unparalleled seeding precision. Two seed delivery systems provide you with the seeding precision and the versatility you are looking for, offering the optimal solution to meet your needs through customized adaptation to your crops, soils and production systems.

Key Features

  • VENTA 3030

    • 3m (Working Width)
    • SEEDFLEX (Seeding Unit)
    • 20-24 (Number of Rows)
    • 15-12.5cm (Row Spacing)
    • 1,500l (Hoppy Capacity)
    • QUANTRON S2/IOBUS (Terminal)

  • VENTA 4010

    • 4m (Working Width)
    • Suffolk Coulter (Seeding Unit)
    • 28-32 (Number of Rows)
    • 14.3-12.5cm (Row Spacing)
    • 1,800l (Hopper Capacity)
    • QUANTRON S2/ISOBUS (Terminal)

  • VENTA 4030

    • 4m (Working Width)
    • SEEDFLEX (Seeding Unit)
    • 28-32 (Number of Rows)
    • 14.3 – 12.5cm (Row Spacing)
    • 1,800l (Hopper Capacity)
    • QUANTRON S2/ISOBUS (Terminal)

  • Extra Features

    • VENTA Electric Drive
    • Metering System
    • CCI 1200 Terminal
    • CCI 800 Terminal
    • Pre-Emergence Markers
    • Electric Half-Width (Shut Off)
    • LED Night Vision Camera



Model Working Width Hopper Capacity Seeding Unit
VENTA 3030 3m 1,500l SEEDFLEX
VENTA 4010 4m 1,800l Suffolk Coulter
VENTA 4030 4m 1,800l SEEDFLEX
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