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Product Description

KUHN trailed sprayers offer a new idea of balance: a well-equipped sprayer with aluminum booms, a polyester tank an intuitive controls ensure its ease of use and optimum spraying quality. Its numerous equipment options combined with impeccable boom stability guarantee spraying quality. KUHN offer two trailed sprayer models 1. LEXIS & 2. METRIS. All models have different characteristics but all have brilliant end results.

The LEXIS 3000 is known for its ease of use and is designed for maximum productivity. Its trouble-free set up, electronic units and easy maintenance make operations simple for the user. With very limited number of valves, the LEXIS sprayer requires up to 50% fewer operations than competitors in the segment. The LEXIS is a very stable and maneuverable sprayer allowing for more accurate spraying at the headlands.

The KUHN Metris Sprayer range represents the heart of the KUHN trailed sprayer range. With a 3,200L or 4,100L tank and an 18 to 38m boom the Metris Series will for sure meet all of your requirements. The Metris is known for being a simple and reliable machine with guaranteed safety and efficiency.


Key Features


    • MTS2 steel boom
    • Self-Steering drawbar
    • Piston-diaphragm Pumps
    • Hydraulic Boom Folding
    • Storage Box
    • VISOREB Controls
    • Low Centered Gravity Tank
    • TRAZEPZIA Boom Suspension
    • EQUILIBRA Suspension
    • Manuset Operation
    • 18 to 28m boom
    • 2,400-L or 3,000-L tank


    • DILUSET+
    • E-Set – REB3 Terminal (Optional)
    • Centrifugal piston pumps
    • Easyflow (Safe Incorporation)
    • Drawbar and Hitch
    • Boom Assist
    • EQUILIBRA Boom Suspension
    • Aluminum Booms
    • 28m (Boom Width)
    • 3430L (Tank Capacity)
    • Strathane Axle & Drawbar Suspension


KUHN Trailed Sprayers

Model Tank Capacity (l) Working Width (m) Pump Output (l/min)
LEXIS 3000 2,400-3,000l 18-24m 170-280 (l/min)
METRIS 4100 3,200 - 4,100L 18 - 28m 265-500 (l/min)
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