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Product Description

KUHN is a founder member of CCI (Competence Center ISOBUS) technology making tasks easier and quicker. KUHN continue to develop and improve its ISOBUS technology in collaboration with other leading manufacturers to ensure the user achieves maximum profitability. There are currently four models on the market: 1. CCI 1200, 2. CCI 800, 3. CCI A3 Joystick & 4. CCI 50.

CCI 1200 is top of the league in farming technology. The new CCI 1200 focuses on three priorities: performance, visibility and flexibility. The terminal has a wide antiglare touchscreen capable of simultaneously displaying different information to the user. A machine camera can be connected to the CCI 1200, so you can monitor the machines work from the screen without having to turn around. The menu navigation is simple to use with Multitouch functionality, much like a tablet “drag and drop” style. Functions such as headland management and multi-rate control are options to achieve precise farming.

The CCI 800 is also a large working screen but more compact with bright, high-contrast colours for better cab visibility. Despite being smaller then the CCI 1200 the terminal can display several pieces of information simultaneously e.g. video, mapping the field, etc. CCI 800 has benefits from its perfect GPS compatibilities such as section control, rate control, parallel tracking and tramline control. All of these features improve farming efficiency and profitability.

With the new CCI A3 ISOBUS joystick, you can view the functions of your machine directly on the touch screen of your joystick. This way, you select the right function at the right time, everytime. Enjoy revolutionary ease of use with the touch screen and vibration feedback. The joystick is compatible with all ISOBUS machines certified AUX-N.

The smaller, but just as capable, CCI 50 provides operators with basic ISOBUS information and control in a compact package. The durable design and touchscreen or function control buttons provide a workable interface in varying conditions.


Key Features

  • CCI Terminals

    • Up to 12.1″ (screen size)
    • Compatible with joystick
    • Compatible with camera
    • Guidance assistance
    • Adjust application rates
    • MultiTouch functionality
    • Multi Rate Control (Option)

  • CCI Terminals

    • GPS system
    • Touchscreen
    • Can display too machines at once
    • Simultaneously display different information
    • MaxiView functionality
    • CCI Apps (Included)
    • Command Section Control (Option)


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