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Product Description

Tedding is an important stage in the forage harvesting process because it speeds up drying. Tedding aims to preserve the energy value of the forage and limit any weather risk. KUHN tedders are designed to ensure the best forage distribution in all situations, quickly and evenly. With working widths from 4.20 m to 17.80 m, there is a KUHN tedder to suit your needs.

KUHN offer four different model series in the Tedder range all with different characteristics. 1. GF 102, 2. GF 1002, 3. GF 1012 & 4. GF 10012. All of these series come in different sizes, work widths, number of rotors, etc.

KUHN have an array of tedder models to choose from this gives the customer a choice to pick a model that will suit their type of work. All models offer compactness and a significant working width which remaining adapted to small-sized tractors. Farmers do not need a large high powered tractor to power a KUHN tedder. All machines have excellent folding making it easy to transport on the road and into narrow gaps.

Key Features

  • GF Tedder Range

    • DIGIDRIVE Rotor System
    • Wide Angle Working Width
    • Asymmetrical Tine Length
    • Integral Pick-Up
    • GF 102 – Less HP Required
    • Rotor Lock – Transport Safety
    • Pivoting Headstock
    • Hydraulic Vertical Folding (GF 1002, 1012, 10012)
    • Hydraulic suspension (GF 1002, 1012, 10012)

  • GF Tedder Range

    • Compacted Machines
    • Oblique Mechanical Control System (Hydraulic Option)
    • 4-13m (working width)
    • HLC (Headland Lift Control) (GF 1012 & 10012)
    • Crop Deflectors
    • GSC (Ground Save Control) System (GF 10012)
    • Excellent Folding Kinetics
    • Centralised Pitched Angle Adjustment
    • Small Rotors (Faster Drying Time)


KUHN Tedders

Series Model Working Width Number of Rotors Rotor Drive
GF 102 GF 422 4.2m 4 DIGIDRIVE
GF 102 GF 502 5m 4 DIGIDRIVE
GF 102 GF 582 5.75m 6 DIGIDRIVE
GF 102 GF 642 6.4m 6 DIGIDRIVE
GF 1002 GF 5202 5.2m 4 DIGIDRIVE
GF 1002 GF 5902 5.9m 6 DIGIDRIVE
GF 1002 GF 6502 6.5m 6 DIGIDRIVE
GF 1002 GF 7802 7.8m 6 DIGIDRIVE
GF 1002 GF 7902 7.8m 8 DIGIDRIVE
GF 1012 GF 8712 8.7m 8 DIGIDRIVE
GF 1012 GF 10812 10.8m 10 DIGIDRIVE
GF 10012 GF 13012 13m 12 DIGIDRIVE
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