What makes a KUHN FBP 3135 a unique baler wrapper?

The KUHN FBP 3135 Baler/Wrapper Combination is designed to tackle the largest and toughest Irish crop across all terrains. Its wide tyres and low overall height really helps with this. The baler has been praised for a lot of its features no more than its Film Binding system and unique wrapping system.

Twin-Reel Film Binding

Before the bale is transferred back for wrapping it can either be film or net bound. You have the choice of both on the FBP baler. The Twin-Reel Film Binding system uses two standard 750mm rolls of wrap. By having the option of two smaller rolls of film makes it much easier to change in a simple and quick manner. The baler can carry a roll of net also if the farmer wants to use net instead. This can be changed very quickly.

How it works?

Film binding helps improve silage quality, bale shape, stability for storage and ease of opening. By using conventional 750mm wrap helps reduce cost by 37%. The film can be stretched up to 70% adding more strength to the film pushing air out of the bale. KUHN’s system only uses four layers at 70% stretch saving costs for the owner. Other brands cost significantly more as they have to apply more layers at lower percentage stretch. KUHN’s film binding system can bind more bales at lower costs thanks to this.


FBP 3135 balers are fitted with a satellite wrapper. The wrapper automatically starts wrapping slowly to ensure the wrap doesn’t break when applying at first. The system will notify the operator terminal when its low on wrap and reduce speed, etc.

As standard the FBP is fitted with INTELLIWRAP system. This system can apply an odd number of film layers depending on the crop. This can be done by simply adjusting the film layers on the terminal. This means the user determines how much film is needed for specific crops. The drier the crop the more film required or if you wanted bales to preserve over a long period of time you can apply extra layers of film.

3D Wrapping

3D wrapping is optional on the FBP 3135 but we will state the benefits of having this unique feature. The film rolls have the ability to turn a quarter turn around the rounded side of the bale. The film is now stretched more tightly around the surface of the bale. This leads to better even distribution around the bale preventing air pockets and maintains bale shape. Vulnerable areas such as the bales shoulders are much better protected by using this system.

The film rolls tilt horizontally to draw the first few layers evenly around the bale edges. Then the film starts to wrap vertically around the sides of the bale. The bale is now wrapped 3D, its rolled 3 to 4 times to remove any excess air.