RAUCH AXIS Offers Farmers Ultimate Precision

Aim for growth with AXIS and EMC this season. With fertiliser prices increasing and environmental issues raised over how farmers are using fertiliser. Now is the perfect time to purchase a AXIS machine that will 100% improve spreading accuracy and efficiency. The outstanding future-oriented technology used in AXIS fertiliser fertiliser spreaders helps solve these issues. It will help you save costs, increase profits and be more environmentally friendly for safe food production.

AXIS fertiliser spreaders offer safe, convenient and economic working in every power class. Farmers/contractors select the size, drive, metering technology and digital equipment according to your requirements and wishes, to always make the perfect decision to ensure you make a profit from your work. RAUCH offers three models 20.2, 30.2 and 50.2 but with many high specifications.


Customers can purchase a M-Drive or H-Drive machine. This system is known for its reliable functionality with simplicity of use and easy cleaning. The transmission operates in a closed oil bath and are maintenance free. M-Drive is available on all AXIS models and can be purchased with or without EMC technology.

H-Drive is a maintenance free drive via the tractor hydraulic system allowing variation of the disc speed at the right and left sides for border spreading and section control. H-Drive is available to be purchased for 30.2 and 50.2. These machines are equipped with EMC metering technology as standard.

EMC technology is an innovative system controlling the spreading volume. This unique automatic metering system controls and measures the flow of fertiliser separately at the left and right sides of the spreader. High precision ensures accurate spreading and ultimate growth.


Accurate spreading is key for farmers & contractors when it comes to profitability and efficiency. AXIS spreaders make it very possible to achieve 100% accuracy thanks to its specifications. Controlled metering is one method customers use to achieve 100% accuracy. Customers can purchase an ISOBUS compatible with AXIS spreaders. These smart screens helps users spread fertiliser more effectively telling you where to drive, what speed, etc. Higher spec fertiliser spreaders come with VARISPREAD PRO that can adjust the working width and spreading volume in a continuously adjusted process.

All AXIS models can be tailored by adding extensions and specification to suit you. Please contact our sales team today to discuss a model that could suit you.

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