Inside A Massey Ferguson

The Massey Ferguson “S” Series tractors have been on the market for over two years now and aren’t short of admirers. The tractor series has several key features but today we are going to focus on the tractors cab.

Massey Ferguson have produced a cab for ultimate comfort for a more productive working day. The Massey Ferguson 8S offers the largest cab on the market with next level and space. Otherwise the rest of the tractors offer a similar sized cab. This blog will take you through some of the key benefits of a Massey Ferguson cab and what to expect if you buy a Massey this year.

Cab Options

Massey Ferguson offer four different specifications cabs to customers. 1. Essential, 2. Panoramic, 3. Efficient, 4. Exclusive. All options offer superior comfort but higher standard cabs have extra features to help you get work done quicker. The cabs are specifically designed to counter stress and fatigue by providing comfort, simplicity and visibility.

Essential Cab

The Essential cab is the basic specification from Massey Ferguson. The cab is far from basic and offers all the elements you would expect from a high standard cab. Blending simplicity, ease of use, versatility and comfort this cab works very well for farmers.





Essential Panoramic Cab

This cab provides the ultimate cab visibility perfect as a loader partner. The visibility allows you to work at ease and easy to reach controls makes it easy to control, driving in comfort.






Efficient Specification

This cab is equipped with key, productive features helping owners to work faster. This cab allows you to complete work to high standards and more accurately. It is more suited to owners who complete a lot of field work aiming at ultimate precision.

Exclusive Specification

This flagship cab is equipped with Massey Fergusons most advanced features. This cab is designed for intensive, larger scale operations. Contractors tend to seek this cab due to long working hours, ultimate precision and time saving technology.






Top Class Driving Comfort

When you are spending long hours in a tractor you want it to be comfortable. Massey Ferguson offer its MF Quadlink suspended front axle and cab suspension to take the impact from uneven working surfaces. High quality air Massey Ferguson seats are fitted as well as a high quality passenger seat. Massey Ferguson tractors allow you to work smarter with implements and drive safely on the roads with 360° cab visibility.

There’s also extra sockets for mobile phones or laptop, radio and MP3 player (USB, Aux and CD), Bluetooth connection, DAB + digital radio, telescopic side mirrors and electric de-icing, plus automatic air conditioning.​ Operators will appreciate the slim dashboard, which clearly displays operating data on its 70mm x 52mm, colour ‘Set up and Information Screen’.

The new armrest offers a blend of simplicity and ease of use, with all main functions ergonomically grouped. Here you will also find quick and convenient controls for other items such as Bluetooth phone and radio.