How to exchange the wrapping film rolls on the KUHN FBP & VBP Baler/Wrapper

On a busy day of harvesting, contractors want their work to be complete efficiently, quickly, and as easy as possible. The wrapping film used on the baler-wrapper is exchanged regularly during the baling process. KUHN has made this process as easy as possible.

Watch this instruction video to see how quick and easy the process is: 

How does it work?

With the FBP and VBP models, the film rolls can be removed from the film magazines from a comfortable working height. The film rolls on the wrappers are also at a convenient height. The conical design of the pre-stretch rollers creates a convenient space to insert and position the stretch film. The ends of the two film rolls can be clamped in a special holder on the wrapping table to hold them firm at the start of the wrapping process. They are then released immediately so no film residues are left on the machine or on the field. When both wrapping film rolls have been exchanged and the empty rolls have been stored, the operator can quickly continue baling and wrapping round bales. 

The steps in summary:

  1. Open pre-stretcher
  2. Open roll holder
  3. Exchange film roll
  4. Close roll holder and pre-stretcher
  5. Pull film through the pre-stretcher and attach to the wrapper
  6. Repeat steps for the other film roll 

The KUHN film binding system uses the same film rolls as the film wrapping system. No special, wide mantle film is needed. An added benefit for stock management!