Do you know what ISOBUS is and how it works?

ISOBUS is a standardised computer system used in tractors compatible with agricultural machinery. The modern day tractors and even older tractors can be retro fitted with ISOBUS systems enabling communication with machinery behind the tractors such as a baler, sprayer, fertiliser spreaders, etc.

Using ISOBUS ensures ease of use with a touch of a button. The system is simple to use and very easy to setup. It allows 100% accuracy when working in the field. This saves time, money, increasing profit and efficiency in the field.

Datatronic 5 is the interface used in Massey Ferguson tractors. This system delivers better and easier operating interface. Operators can customise their controls to whichever way they prefer. For example switches on the Multipad joystick can be used to control ISOBUS implements for an easier more comfortable operation. This versatile system allows several implements to be stored to operate via Multipad, so it can work with all ISOBUS implements currently in the farm fleet.

If you want to achieve high accuracy results install an ISOBUS system on your tractor please get in contact with sales – 0214543801.