Choosing the right Massey Ferguson Livestock Tractor for your farm!

Massey Ferguson is a worldwide brand and one of the most popular tractors in Ireland. Massey Ferguson produce over eighteen series of tractors with many different model specifications to suit your enterprise. Whether you’re a dairy farmer, agricultural contractor, gardener, etc. there will be a tractor that’s suits you.

Loader Tractors

MF 5700M

If you are searching for a lower horse powered tractor MF offer a large selection of tractors. In Cork the MF 5700 M Series and the MF 5S range are proving popular over the last few years since launching. These tractors offer exceptional maneuverability thanks to its tight lock allowing the machine to turn into tight feed passages, narrow gaps and farm yards. The tractor models have been designed to pair with a front loader. The MF 5S has a steeped nosed bonnet which offers the best visibility on the market when feeding livestock. Both the MF5S and MF 5700M can be purchased with a visioline roof  which allows drivers to see more when working the loader.


The MF 5S can be purchased in five different models ranging from 105 to 145 horsepower. The MF 5700M can also be purchased in five models ranging from 95 to 135 horsepower. Both tractors are very straightforward and are ideal for a livestock farm. The tractors are also very good in field completing the toughest jobs with ease. With a lift capacity up to 6 tonne these tractors can spread slurry and fertiliser, cut silage and much more of the daily farming activities.

Medium To High Horse-Powered Tractors

Massey Ferguson 6S

The MF 6S  launched in 2022. A four cylinder tractor but has the ability to match a six cylinder. It’s well known for being straightforward and dependable a must for busy livestock farmers. It has a new bonnet design resulting in better cab visibility when driving. Massey Ferguson offer five models in the 6S, ranging from 150 to 200 horsepower. The tractor can lift 9.6 tonne meaning its capable of the toughest field tasks. Thanks to its excellent design it can complete loader work with ease. The best maneuverability, slim bonnet and excellent hydraulic flow allows for this. With features like these, this tractor wouldn’t be out of place in any enterprise.

Massey Ferguson 7S

This six cylinder Massey Ferguson is mainly used for intensive work but is still very popular with livestock farmers. The tractor is specifically designed to meet the needs of farmers and contractors. Its DYNA-6 or DYNA-VT transmission delivers extra power when its most needed. This allows owners to get their work done faster and more efficiently, a big reason why farmers/contractors choose this model. Another reason people choose this tractor is even though its a bigger machine its still a super loader partner. A slim bonnet design and high hydraulic flow (190 l/min) allow for this. With cab and front axle suspension you can drive in comfort to outside farms and in-field work. Available in five models starting at 155 horsepower going up to 210 horsepower.

MF 7S designed for farmers and contractors!


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