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Redrock - Slurry Tankers

  • Slurry Tankers - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • Slurry Tankers - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • Slurry Tankers - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • Slurry Tankers - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

The Redrock slurry tanker range is built to the highest quality. Rolled from 6mm steel, all the tanks are welded both internally and externally and include 4” x 2” channel rings welded inside the tank for extra strength and a longer service life. The Redrock body, wheel arches, supports and draw-bar are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards to maintain rigidity, reliability and road-worthiness year after year.

Optional Extras

- Self Fill Booms

The Self Fill boom is a hydraulic operated arm to fill the slurry tank without leaving the cab of the tractor. Sucking the slurry through a funnel that has been connected to the slurry pit. This is operated through the hydraulic pipe work of the vacuum pump changeover. So no extra spool valve is needed to operate. Turbo Filler may be added to the Self Fill Boom or alternatively fitted to a fill point in order to speed up the filling process. The turbo Filler is fitted with a propeller which makes the slurry move much quicker.

- Transfer Boom System

The Boom can be rotated through 275°, so the boom can unload on either side of the slurry tank. This is ideal for filling a field tanker over the ditch through the hydraulic top fill hatch.Redrock top fill hatches have a unique locking system.

- Air Brakes - Air/Hydraulic Brakes.

The main advantage of an Air braking system is a combination of a smooth braking effect and high power. With air brakes there is also the brake failsafe were by if the tank disconnects from the tractor the brakes will be applied. The combination of both Air & Hydraulic brakes can be useful if the tanker is towed by different tractors fitted with either air or hydraulic brakes

- Free Steering Axles

The free steering axle is available on all tandem sprung axle vacuum tankers. The steering axle follows the direction determined by the tractor. The oscillation range is approx 15° on each side of the front wheel. When towed on the road or when the tank is reversed a hydraulic locking devices aligns the running gear with the front axle and make it safe to use.

- Dribble Bar System

- Trailing Shoe System

The Trailing Shoe delivers a controlled volume of slurry straight to the root of the grass without waste or environmental contamination. The injection moulded rubber distribution boot is flexible and long lasting. The Dribble Bar and Trailing Shoe systems both use the Vogel Sang Exa-Cut Macerator to distribute the slurry manure.

- DownHill Spreading System

When spreading slurry on sloping ground this system makes sure vacuum tanker is emptied completely.