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Redrock - Silage Block Cutters

  • Silage Block Cutters - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • Silage Block Cutters - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

Silage Blockcutters

The Redrock ranges of blockcutters are both powerful and durable. The broad range is has been designed to suit all types of farms form the large-scale dairy to the more modest smallholdings.
Redrock range are designed to work with tractor loaders to farm handlers.

Unique Blades Most machines have the unique “bolt on blades” which enables easy service. Made from specially tempered steel these blades can be supplied in large or small serrated sections. They are designed to stay sharp and cut through the silage clamp with minimum of effort, leaving a perfect silo face.

Nickel Plated Chrome Rods The powerful hydraulic cylinders are built to the most powerful stringent industrial standards. The rods are nickel-plated prior to chroming. This ensures extensive anti-corrosion protection against chrome flake and rust, and also prevents damage to the hydraulic seals.

Wide ranges of bolt on industrial and tractor brackets are available. Most blockcutters can be fitted with a push off system, “hi-lift” and rear loader masts. (Push off system is not suited for TMRs and lightweights.)


85 Series - Alligator

100 Series - Telegator

120 Series - Large Opening

85 Series - All Round

100 Series - All Round